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Core Programme

Result-Framework Document (RFD) for Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan

Result Frame Work Document gives time lines for completion of different programs and their relative weightage in overall scheme of NYKS for a particular year. The purpose of the document is to provide guidance to the functionaries as to how to implement the targeted activities. The document includes an overall vision mission and objectives their translation into a set of measurable targets as well as implementable strategy to achieve the set goals, linking them to specific measurable miles stones.

Each of the programmes /activities is monitored on the following points:


The core purposes and aspirations are underlined in the document which shows the Department’s overall vision and also previous worked as part of the RFD work. The core purposes might evolve and refine itself as the discussions with stakeholders proceed and organization’s understanding of core learning agenda evolves. It would still be aligned with over all vision but would be crisper articulation at the end of the process.


Development and empowerment of yout to enable them to realize their full potential and to involve them in nationa building activities





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