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Core Programme

NYKS Core Programmes - 2017-18

General instructions for Core Programmes 2017-18

12. Further, it may be noted that against the total released programme budget until and unless otherwise specified:

13. Core Programmes and their funds should not be diverted for any other activity or programme, as they are committed programme components.

14. It must be ensured that a minimum of two programmes out of the total number of Core programmes be organized exclusively for women.

15. Deputy Directors and District Youth Coordinators may choose blocks or cluster of villages in such a way that equal distribution of the Core Programmes among Youth Clubs is ensured in the district. These may or may not be the ones chosen in the previous year. 16. On thematic side, all programmes and activities of the year should be in a mission rather than a routine exercise.

17. Programmes should be organized in such a manner that maximum number of Youth Clubs gets an opportunity to take part in programmes.

18. The same youth from the Youth Clubs should not be allowed to participate in the programmes repeatedly until and unless a programme specifically calls for participation of President/Secretary or other office bearers of the Youth Club.

19. The achievements should be reflected in the Monthly Progress Report and specially designed Cumulative Progress Report (total number of activities organized/achievements made TILL DATE i.e. sum total of previous months and current month’s activities) on the basis of the PHYSICAL TARGETS SET. The same should be submitted in the following manner:
District NYK to State Office       -       27th of every month
State Office to NYKS Hqrs.       -       29th of every month

20. The District Youth Coordinators/Deputy Directors and State Directors will send the Progress Reports for Core Programmes and Coordination Activities every month in the following proforma:

Core Programmes Progress Report

Level Core Programmes Progress Report Annexure
District NYK Monthly Progress Report Annexure – 7
District NYK Cumulative Progress Report Annexure – 7 -A
State Office Monthly Progress Report Annexure – 8
State Office Cumulative Progress Report Annexure – 8-A
Coordination Activities Progress Report

Level Coordination ActivitiesProgress Report Annexure
NYV Volunteers Monthly Progress Report Annexure – 9
District NYK Monthly Progress Report Annexure – 9 - A
District NYK Cumulative Progress Report Annexure – 9 - B
State Office Monthly Progress ReportAnnexure – 9 - C
State Office Cumulative Progress Report Annexure -- 9 - D

State Director, should cross check the District NYKs Physical targets mentioned in their Action Plans with the targets set for the State as per Annual Action Plan.

21. The State Offices should send the compiled MPRs (monthly as well as cumulative/progressive reports) in the prescribed proforma to NYKS, Hqrs. in the name of Sh. M.P. Sharma, Asstt. Director (Programme), both by post and e-mail or .

22. State Directors will also furnish the list of such District NYKs to NYKS Hqr. who have not furnished the MPR along with State Level MPR and action should be initiated against defaulter Kendras under intimation to Director General. District NYKs should not send reports directly to the Hqr.

23. It must be ensured that Hon’ble Governors, Chief Ministers, Ministers, MPs, MLAs, MLCs, Mayors, Counselors, Chairperson Zilla Parshad, Gram Panchayat Pradhans as well as Heads of Development Departments and Agencies are invited to attend the programmes.

24. Regular monitoring and evaluation (quantitative and qualitative) of the programmes should be undertaken with follow up action.

25. The funds mobilized and received from other agencies should clearly be indicated in the MPRs under Coordination Activities.

26. All Youth Clubs should be encouraged to form their Annual Action Plan showing details of the programmes which can be organized with their own resources. Youth Clubs should undertake programmes in the areas, for the benefit of young people and village communities on regular basis. This task should be completed with the help of NYV volunteers.

27. To achieve the targets, following activities should be taken on priority:

28. After completion of each Core Programme, the Kendra will ensure to maintain the records of the programme in the file opened for the same. For example, the file of ‘District Youth Convention’ will contain the records of District Youth Convention conducted in the district during that year. The maintenance of record will include following:

29. The State Director should verify/ inspect these files every time during the visit and should record observations. Over achievements/ short comings should be pointed out, shared and informed to the next higher authority.